Outlook .vcs Converter for Evolution

Wrote up a quick perl script to convert MS Outlook .vcs calendar appointments into .ics icalendar format, that can be read by Evolution.

Note: This is a quick fix, and very dirty. Anyone wanting to clean/improve my code, feel free, send me an update and I'll post it.

Script here: vcs2ics
1) Download and put somewhere, chmod 755 /path/to/vcs2ics
2) run it: /path/to/vcs2ics /path/to/file.vcs
3) the program will spit out the same filename with a .ics extension, which you can then import into Evolution as an ICalendar task.

Any questions email me <raven at netpimpz dot com>.
Last Update:Thu Feb 05 13:22:16 CST 2004