Logitech MX700 Linux/Xfree Setup

09/16/2004 - Check out This Page for a more in depth explanation and help.
Update : If your Mozilla/Firebird was compiled with gtk2 which made
your thumb buttons not work you will need to change the line :

  $BINARY -k -p -b "67" to $BINARY -k -p -b "67" -f

This quick reference should be fine for setup on all linux distro's as it is not distro dependant. Just for grins I am doing this on Gentoo.
Also, this should work perfectly on the mx500 also. I have not tested it 'cause I don't have one, but from what I hear, they are the same mouse.
I am running Xfree 4.3.0. All buttons should work except the 'Program' chooser button. If anyone has a neat use or way to make it work email me.

Any other questions or comments email me "raven [at] netpimpz [dot] com"

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